I needed a little inspiration

Goodness. It has been a long, hard week, and it’s just now Thursday. I’m really amazed that I have enough mental energy left to even write this post.

On Tuesday I got two job rejections. Both were positions I really wanted in school I really liked. So, I was really sad. It was a rough day. Then, that afternoon, my husband and I found out that the house we were planning on moving into at the end of the month was no longer an option for us. So, all of a sudden I was plummeted into a state of near depression filled with images of me jobless and homeless and cuddling my two sweet dogs in the street. I know that would never happen because we have people who love us, some money in savings and I would never accept being jobless but it was a pretty freaky image in my head.

Needless to say we have some decisions to make in the next two weeks. We need to figure out where to live, what my chances are of finding a job in the two regions in which I’ve been applying and what exactly to do if I don’t get a job this year (a very real possibility).

On top of all of this, I have the Great Bear Writing Project for this week and the next two weeks, the husband will be in real estate school the next two weeks and we are both in classes right now. June is just about the busiest month either of us has had in probably ever, and now we have to add house hunting to the work, school, projects, packing, moving and job hunting we already had going on.

So I needed a little inspiration today, something to make myself feel a little better about our situation. I turned to my Words board on Pinterest and found these gems that I had saved before.




Thanks Pinterest. I needed that.

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